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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System Design

Mechanical & HVAC


Designing the right HVAC system for a building’s purpose is a science. Conducting comprehensive load analysis, considering air supply requirements, weather conditions, determining optimum HVAC system, piping and duct configurations, and then applying those considerations to specifications are all critical to high performance building design.

With rising energy cost, poor HVAC systems performance, and greater homeowner expectations, existing HVAC installations will be coming to the forefront and will require attention as well. Precise HVAC design to meet a home’s true requirement has become essential in the energy conservation equation. We are a reliable firm for your commercial or residential mechanical, HVAC, duct system, and hydronic heating system design. We use the latest mechanical engineering methods and technology to calculate your projects' heating and cooling load. 

Air conditioning is one of the biggest influences on a building’s design and its resulting operating costs. Getting a system’s design and installation right can keep operating costs down and is essential in demanding environmental areas.

Mechanical Services
  • Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems Design

  • Duct System Calculation and Design

  • Rooftop Packaged Heat Pump/Air Conditioner

  • Split Heat Pump/Air Conditioner

  • Water Source Heat Pumps

  • Cooling Tower Selection, and Piping Design

  • Chiller

  • Air Handling Equipment Selection

  • Exhaust Systems, Makeup Air Systems

  • Hydronic Radiant Heat Systems

  • Outside Air Pretreatment and Dehumidification

  • Lab Fume Hood Systems

  • Commercial and Residential Kitchen Hood Design

  • Exhaust fan airflow where exhaust is required by code

  • Systems for mechanical control and life safety interface

  • Sizing of mechanical rooms, and exhaust/supply air shaft 

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